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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMBB
Challenge NameCordelia/Xander; ANDROMEDA/BTVS/ATS crossover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Andromeda
DescriptionBTVS/ATS/ANDROMEDA crossover.

C/X Based on the simularety I noticed between Rommy and ATS s3 'Cordy'

-Somehow Cordelia and Xander are sent through a portal into the far future of the future.
- In this future of the Earth 'The Commenwealth has fallen, the Dark night has come.' (xander thinks it's there was an apocalypse/hellmouth, Cordelia mistakes Commenwealth with communists ;-) )
- Magog are demons, Rev Bem is an exeption (like Angel or Lorne),
- They are attacked by some sort of (demon/magic?) alien warriors, and must help to save the ship, and find a way back to their own time.
- Cordelia gives fashion-advise ;-)
- if set after S5, mention the Buffybot in relation to Rommie

TIMESETTING: anywere after Lovers walk when they are not together (or if you prefer before Innocence or the breakup of Bewitched, bothered&bewildered )

Cordelia/Xander, Harper/Rommy (my ships) and other Andromeda-romances I missed
Sub-pairings (flirts/hitting on's):
Xander>/Rommy, Harper>Cordelia (at least, Xander attracted physically to Rommy, - No
maybe instinctively more to 'demon' Trance , Harper attracted physically to Cordelia,
(Basically, like the ATS S4 Groo/Cordy/Angel plot)
Cordelia probebly hitting on Captain Hunt (goes for the leaders) or Tyr (as she used to have a very Nietzian view on live ;-) )
Other affairs may not interfeer (so if nessesary, Anya or Groosalugg must be believebly written out)

Xander: no powers other then witt and sience-fiction tv-series', maybe carpentry (depending when you set the fic, as after S7, he got an eyepatch); NO Halloween 'soldierskills'
Cordelia:depending on when you set the fic; so Powerless till Hero, visions till Birthday, half-demon till Home (yellow-glow? astral project herself mistaken for hologram?), then Higher Being (incorporeal?), after 'You're Welcome' I've got no clue. (stripped of visions half-demon ghost? :-P )

PS: this is my first posted challenge, if Im doing something wrong please explain me what
PPS: sorry for the edit, as I see more of the show, I try to perfectionalize the challenge
Challenge Date23 Oct 04
Last Updated8 Feb 10

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