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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerLunaRyO
Challenge NameAtS Crossover Plotbunny
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionWhat if the portal that brought Lorne to Earth didn't open in LA? Instead, it opened up in the middle of the Great Hall/X-Mansion/Middle Earth/etc. Pick a place(anyplace, not just these ones), throw Lorne in there, and see how he would've turned out differently than he did on AtS. Preferably no drabbles or ficlets--real stories!!

Example: Lorne arrives at Hogwarts. Does he learn magic? What does the Ministry say about a demon landing in a school? Is Snape annoyed to death by his cheery personality and just how hard does that make Dumbledore laugh?
Challenge Date24 Oct 04
Last Updated24 Oct 04

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