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Challenge IssuerAnonymousChallenges
Challenge NameThe Girl In Question - Who is the Immortal?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionI'm sure this has been thought up before, but maybe I can spark some new interest. After seeing the episode "The Girl In Question" my fanfic obsessed mind went crazy as to who the Immortal could be. It should be someone we know was alive in the 1800's . Someone who knew about vampires (or at least would not be shocked by them.) Someone who enjoys playing mind games with people. Obivously, these stipulations take out some of the better known immortals. Not Duncan MacLeod, as he is not one to play mind games. Seduce a pretty blonde -yes, but no mind games. Richie is out, of course, because he was not alive in the 1800's.

So, barring the ones mentioned above, pick an immortal and write about how he and Buffy met. Of course, it doesn't have to be an immortal from the Highlander universe either. I think Dorian Grey would be an interesting placement here. (Kinda insulting to Buffy, since he is such a womenizer..) Anyway, flow writing juices, flow!

Wants : A scene or two from Angel and/or Spike's POV (not a re-capping of the episode)
What does Dawn think of the Immortal?
I would love to see the CEO of the Italian branch of W&H again - remember Miss Ilona Costa Bianchi? (My male friend remembers her breasties the most... hehe)

Not want to see: That fugly red and white racing jacket Angel was wearing... ehck!

super-dooper extra happy points for there being: penguins somewhere (maybe a trip to the zoo?) and/or Spongebob Squarepants in Italian.
Challenge Date24 Oct 04
Last Updated24 Oct 04

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