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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerravinpagan
Challenge NameFamiliar Problems
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime
DescriptionThe challenge is simple. There is an Anime titled "Familiar of Zero", in which the title character, Louise the Zero, summons a person, rather than the animal familiar she was aiming for. The challenge is to change who gets summoned, or maybe it's another character who summons the person.

My ideas for summons include:
Cannon Xander
Xander from Make A Wish(war)
Mr. Black(Death) from make a wish
Another version of Xander
Cannon Willow
Lina Inverse(This would most likely end the first time Louise tried to order Lina around, though.)

Feel free to use another characters, of course.

As for the change of summoners, well, pretty much any BtVS/Angel Character would work as a summoner. I imagine some would be better than others for different story types, though.
Challenge Date13 Nov 10
Last Updated13 Nov 10

Challenge Responses

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