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Challenge IssuerMirroredIllusions
Challenge NameTara’s Secrets
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Criminal Minds
DescriptionTara moves to Washington, D.C. instead of getting back together with Willow in season 6.

This AU version of the Scoobies consist of Buffy Summers, Dawn Summers, Amy Madison, Faith Lehane, Rupert Giles, Spike, Anya Jenkins, Andrew Wells, and Janice Penshaw (always thought it was weird that she didn’t become a part of the group since she was bitten by a vampire, and Dawn need a friend her own age). Tara is still a member even if she doesn't live there anymore.

Willow decided to accept a scholarship to some fancy university after the events of Graduation, and Xander decided that he wanted out of Sunnydale. Giles and Anya own the Magic Box together. Buffy and Amy attend UC Sunnydale, and Faith works as a bouncer at the Bronze. Buffy and Dawn both work part-time at the Magic Box. Buffy, Dawn, and Faith live in the Summers Residence, and they split the bills and chores around the house. Amy may live either there, at the dorms, or with her father. If she lives at the house, she need a job somewhere.

Buffy and Faith get along, and Faith is love with Buffy, who is unaware of her feelings and in any case doesn’t return them.

In D.C. Tara meet and fall in love with Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, an FBI Special Agent and Media Liaison to the BAU.

How does JJ and the BAU react when Sunnydale fall into a crater a little over a year later? Tara has kept in touch with the Summers sisters so she’s aware of the First and its actions against the Potential Slayers and the mass evacuation of the towns’ inhabitants.

While JJ knows that Tara is a Witch she doesn’t know about Slayers, vampires, demons, or any of the other stuff that goes on in Sunnydale. Her team doesn’t know anything about it either.

As the last people out of town, and being bloody and showing signs of fighting, Buffy and the few other survivors who actually made it out, end up as main suspects in the case. Knowing that Tara’s new girlfriend works for the FBI, they’ve both been careful of how they’ve phrased things in emails and snailmail, and even in phone conversations.

No interaction with AtS, please. Unless you want to mention an off-screen meeting where Buffy told Angel who made it out and who didn’t. In L.A. they either stay at a motel or Buffy guilt her father into taking them in for a few days. Hank Summers may or may not still be in Italy.

There are exactly 7 survivors: Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Amy, Anya, Janice, and Andrew.

Hotch’s team are called in to help, unaware that Tara knows the suspects. How does Team Buffy react to the FBI? After all, they don’t exactly have a great record with law enforcement, and Faith is a fugitive.

Only the Sunnydale Potentials were Called by the Scythe, and none of them made it out alive. So it’s still the Chosen Two, who were both empowered by the spell. Buffy got even more since she actually did “swallow” some of the essence the Shadowmen tried to force into her.

Also have one of them come up with the idea to stuff a bunch of clothes, pictures, and personal things into a car and drive it somewhere outside of town, just in case. After all, the citizens of the City of Denial decided that it wasn’t safe to stay there anymore so some precautions should’ve been taken.

This should be a Tara-centered fic. Feel free to change the title and good luck. :)
Challenge Date13 Nov 10
Last Updated13 Nov 10

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