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Challenge Issuerscifigirl
Challenge NameChristmas Eve Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionChristmas Eve Challenge

BtVS/Other show crossover

Premise: It's Christmas Eve and God is very upset about the way TPTB have been treating his warriors/chosen ones. So God decides to send one of his Angel's to help two sad/lost souls find happiness. You can either have this be a romantic pairing between a Buffy character and a character from another show or where two lost family members find each other. Can be set at any time during the Buffy series.

The two characters must be together for Christmas.

You are to use at least one of the following four sections from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra cd The Lost Christmas Eve:

Another year has come and past
Like moments through an hourglass
And at the end of this year's trail
An offering, a final tale

Of love, long lost
And then refound
And the child by which
Those dreams were bound

Of a dusty hotel
That was long past old
And the shadows and the memories
Its hallways still hold

For things that are old
Have the best tales to tell
and usually,
They tell them well

And so it's here, my dear children
That our story truly starts
When the Lord sent once more to the earth
An angel, with a childlike heart

"Here the tragically beautiful
And the beautifully tragic
Drift through this night
In a last quest for magic

Their faces are masks
That so artfully disguise
The wounds in their hearts
The scars in their eyes

Now these scars in their eyes
Never hurt, never bleed
But like cracks in a mirror
They distort all they see

For when the heart's an open wound
Its greatest threat, I fear
Is that the salt rubbed in it
Does come from one's own tears

And so this night is ending
So close to where is did start
As the angel slept deep that night
Within his Lord's own heart

For hope never dies
At worst it only sleeps
And all we surrender
Christmas safely keeps

Through the cold winter nights
Of the longest Decembers
Till here by starlight
We begin to remember

That in the very end
The message Christmas is sending
Is that it is never to late
To change any life's ending

And so it's here our story ends
Exactly where it did start
In that labyrinth of mystery
We call the human heart

For they say that without it
No one can truly live
And it also has been rumored
That without it, we cannot forgive
Challenge Date7 Nov 04
Last Updated4 Mar 07

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