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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerShalaDakiri
Challenge NameNovel Star Wars Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Wars
DescriptionI'd like to see some Star Wars crossovers involving the various novels that have been published. There's a lot of material for story fodder but it seems most fics have gotten stuck in the KotOR/movies/Clone Wars.

Possible scenarios:

Tara finds herself joining the Fallanassi and becoming an Adept of the White Current (Black Fleet Crisis trilogy)

Faith hooks up with Bria Tharen shortly before joining the Rebellion (Han Solo trilogy)

Xander winds up in the New Republic Navy with Wraith Squadron (books 5+ of the X-Wing series)

Andrew has a nerdgasm when he realizes he got dumped on a Rebel ship headed for Bakura and the fight with the Ssi-ruuk. (Truce at Bakura)

An advance Yuuzhan Vong scouting party reaches Earth and the Scoobies think they're demons (not an unreasonable assumption)

Overall, I'm not too picky about how the cross works, I'd just like to see some varations on the theme.

Have fun.
Challenge Date22 Dec 10
Last Updated22 Dec 10

Challenge Responses

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