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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerToraneko
Challenge NameTPtB Hate Me - YAHF
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
DescriptionXander seems to always be in trouble. Demons, vamps, possessions, the works. What if there were a reason for it, what if the PTBs really do hate Xander and want him dead?

Basically this challenge is ever since Buffy came to the Hellmouth, Xander has been changing fate with almost every one of his interactions with her, so the PTBs decide to take action. The mantis demon, the hyena, the mummy, you could even make an argument about Moloch. When Ethan comes into Town, the PTBs get the idea to use his spell to get rid of Xander, so make it so his costume has permanent effects, or cause a different costumed individual to permanently affect Xander such as being turned into a vampire of a different sort than is in the Buffy verse.

1. Xander MUST be permanently changed by Halloween, not just memories.
2. Since Xander Hates vampires with a capital HATE, and is likely(in my opinion) to commit suicide if he is turned into any sort of vamp, there must be something that makes it harder if not impossible for him to do so, possibly a 'rogue' PTB or higher power that likes him interfering on his behalf.
3. Xander is not mystically transported away from Sunnydale when the spell ends, as the PTBs are relying on the changes to cause him to commit suicide, break ties with the Scoobies himself, or cause the Scoobies to break ties with him.
4. The PTBs are not allowed to force anyone to do anything, because of freewill, but they can and will manipulate as freely as they can get away with. Nor can they directly interfere in the world, which is the reason they don't just kill Xander or transport him away.
5. The PTBs cannot see Xander's future, only his past and present, nor can they see how he will affect the future of others he interacts with.

1. Vampire the Masquerade/Kindred the embraced or Hellsing crossover
2. Robotech/Macross crossover (don't see many of those), I'm thinking the cyclone power armor/motorcycle
3. 3x3 eyes crossover - I've never seen one of those
4. Disgaea crossover
5. Star Wars crossover (It's been done, I know, but personally i don't think they ever get old)
6. Any of the above or many other possibilities, but with gender bending, as those are always amusing
Challenge Date15 Jan 11
Last Updated15 Jan 11

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