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Challenge IssuerKasyblack
Challenge NameThem: coming of demigods
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Other
DescriptionThere's a wonderful author named Roger Zelazny. I'd like to see Buffy X-over with his works. Any of his works. Though my favourite ones are God of Light, Chronicles of Amber and This Immortal (...and call me Conrad). Does not matter when in the series, really.
It could either be:

YAHF - considering, for example the nature of Shadows, Buffy's multiverse just might have Amber and Courts of Chaos regardless of the fact it is a work of fiction in this world.

True family. Let's just face it - this author's heroes usually just cannot keep it in the pants)... therefore, for example, all Scoobies could be Children of Amberites.

Accidental meeting - Xander and road trip, Buffy and running away etc.

A botched summoning on either side, though it would be funny if the Amber mages were at fault.

Some of our heroes being Shadows of some Amberites or Chaosites - and someone trying to use them because of it.

Past life (it would be much funnier if that past life was in the future). I'd like to see one where a powerful, maybe even somewhat insane past life gets more even-tempered, less prone to violence after remembering. I really like the past life stories but people always get it in their heads that if the person's past life was EVIL, than the only way out is becoming evil again even if you were a white hat before remembering. Personally I think that "The Star Smasher", in which evil-ish guy does not become his old self even after his memories are restored has nailed the redemption gig of the BtVS just right.
Challenge Date24 Jan 11
Last Updated24 Jan 11

Challenge Responses

Snyder wanted Giles to help out with the Trick-or-Treating. Giles thought it would be amusing to dress as the Buddha. YAHF.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Literature > Other • EnergyBeing • FR13 • Chapters [35] • Words [80,162] • Recs [2] • Reviews [96] • Hits [28,702] • Published [3 Mar 13] • Updated [10 Jun 14] • Completed [No]