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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuermpsshadowmaster
Challenge NameAbby the HUH?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > General
DescriptionAbby looks to be in her mid 20's. Now, not wanting people to know her age is normal... But what if she's older than she looks? Not by a few years, but a few decades, or more.

Abby is a demon. Not a people eating one, because that's the left side of weird, and the left side of weird is bad. Abby regularly goes to mass, has a cross tattooed on her back, and goes bowling with nuns... perhaps there's something she's denying.

How do slayers react to Abby? How does Abby react to slayers? How does the NCIS crew react to the whole situation? (Remember, Gibbs KNOWS how old Abby is. Hmmmm......... What does that say about Gibbs?)

Variation: Abby (and perhaps Gibbs) is an Immortal. Same questions as above.

Would Love To See:
Abby being taken out and getting "Court Clothes" that she can actually be comfortable in. Think "Business Goth".
Challenge Date2 Feb 11
Last Updated2 Feb 11

Challenge Responses

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