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Challenge Issuerserpentlady
Challenge NameNathaniel In Sunnydale
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Nathaniel
DescriptionI would like to see a story that is set in season 2 of the Buffyverse, where Nathaniel gets picked up by Children's Services and placed with a semi-distant family member, who lives in Sunny-D. This should involve a fairly comprehensive re-write of at least season 2 and any further seasons you so desire.

Things that MUST be:
-slash pairing of Xander/Nathaniel
-Nathaniel has not yet met Gabriel, Anita, or any significant figure of the Anitaverse
-Nathaniel is a still a wereleopard
-Nathaniel is still extremely submissive
-Xander freaks out about having a crush on Nathaniel

Things that MUST NOT be:
-no reference to the Anitaverse as known in the books
-no automatic acceptance of Xander as gay/bi (there should be at least some confusion/rejection of the idea by Buffy, Willow, or Cordelia, etc)
-Nate's guardian(s) being Tony or Jessica Harris/living under the same roof as the Harris'

-confused/hurt Nate when Buffy does her sexy dance
-Nathaniel's relative/guardian is:
i/ the Rosenburgs
ii/ Giles
iii/ the Osborns (Oz's family)
iv/ Liam O'Conner/Rourke/etc (Angel's legal identity)
-Cordelia coddling Nathaniel/loving him for how sweet he is
-Nathaniel accidentally/purposefuly infects Xander with lycanthropy (your choice which)
- use the line "My back feels like it's been mauled. . . Oh wait, it was."
- Giles gives Xander the Talk about the leather birds and bondage bees

Mostly, I would like to see a sweet romance between my two favourite boys, set in Sunnydale. Have fun!
Challenge Date25 Feb 11
Last Updated25 Feb 11

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