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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerclockworkorange
Challenge NameBuffy attends boarding school, flies under the Council's radar and makes her own destiny.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Smallville > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionSometime after Buffy is released from the psych ward pre-Sunnydale, Joyce and Buffy get in a car accident. Joyce is killed on impact and Buffy's heart stops at one point (causing another Slayer to be called, leading the Council to believe that Buffy is dead) but medical personnel get it to start again.

Hank gains custody of Buffy and sends her to boarding school soon afterward. The name of this boarding school is Excelsior Academy (the one Lex and Oliver attended on the show, only it's a coed boarding school with separate buildings for the girls' and boys' dorms). Buffy does NOT like being forced to attend boarding school, but eventually adjusts to it. Will Buffy continue using her Slayer powers to help people even though she isn't being forced to slay by a Watcher? How will she affect the Smallville characters she encounters and the Smallville 'verse later on?

Buffy must arrive at the school about a year prior to when the disastrous Lex/Duncan Incident would have happened. I'd prefer that the Incident doesn't happen at all but if it does, it ends a LOT differently.

Buffy/Lex or perhaps Buffy/Lex/Duncan friendship (Maybe they can be her Scoobies there?)
Buffy/Bruce Wayne if you have a young!Bruce attending the school as well.
Challenge Date6 Mar 11
Last Updated6 Mar 11

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