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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAnitaPotter
Challenge NameWhat happens in Manhattan ... makes you a daddy?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Cartoons
DescriptionXander somehow ends up in Manhattan, whether it's during his road trip, or for some other reason is up to you and meets the gargoyles, some time before Elisa, Bronx and Goliath's trip to Avalon. At some point while they are all gathered together something happens to cause a magical explosion.

Maybe Demona was trying to cast a spell on Goliath and the others, or Puck or one of his 'siblings' or even Titania or Oberon, decided to have fun with them/punish them for something, but either way, Xander's luck stays true and makes the magic go all wonky. Once the smoke has cleared, or they wake up, Xander is holding a young female gargoyle, later discovered to be Angela, who he feels extremely protective over and calls his hatchling/cub/some other, similar, form of endearment.

It's later discovered that whatever was done has made Xander Angela's other father. Or if you want, maybe even turning Xander into a girl and have him/her replacing Demona as Angela's mother. The rest from there is up to you.

1. Xander has to meet the Gargoyles before the whole trip to Avalon and discovering the Avalon Clan.
2. Xander must somehow become Angela's other father, or if you prefer, her mother.
3. Xander must be able to 'keep up' with the Gargoyles. Whether by having the primal 'wake up' so to speak, him becoming a gargoyle, finding out he's one of Titania, Oberon, or even Puck's, mortal children, or something else.
4. It has to be slash if he stays a guy, or het if you make him a girl.
5. Xander gets with someone from the Gargoyle fandom, unless he winds up with more than one person.

Would prefer him to eventually end up with one of the gargoyles, but it's not a requirement. Everything else is up to you, go crazy and have fun with it. :)

If you do take up this challenge, please let me know.
Challenge Date10 Mar 11
Last Updated10 Mar 11

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