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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerGypsyDruid
Challenge NameBuffy instead of Deeks
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionBuffy/NCIS: LA

For whatever reason, or by whatever means, Hettie decides on Buffy Summers to replace Dom after he's killed.

Not particular about the plot, but would to see something like Buffy ends up being related to Callen (younger sister, adopted between infant-2yrs. foster care would explain why she wasn't scooped up the found as a child).

Would like Buffy/Kenzi (despite being partners), but would definitely like to see Buffy have a unique, decidedly non antagonistic, relationship with Hettie, and dumb-downable understandability with the resident geek-speak.

Has to have a Sam Hanna take down at least once.

Adding Willow to work along side Eric (no offense to the Jones girl whose first name I don't know) would be a happy bonus
Challenge Date10 Mar 11
Last Updated10 Mar 11

Challenge Responses

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