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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerPup
Challenge NameLets play with fire
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Other-SciFi/Fantasy
DescriptionIn Season one Xander sets one of Giles books on fire, but they never did anything with that idea so I propose this. A crossover with Firestarter (1984) set during Xander's road trip in which he meets Charlie, who's on the run from The Shop. He gets caught up when he see's Shop operatives trying to kidnap her and try's to help. During the fight one of Charlies attacks accidentally engulfs Xander, only his own powers come to the fore to protect him, in full view of the Shop operatives, forcing Xander to run with Charlie.

ideas ( you don't have to use)

1. Whereas Charlies Pyrokinetic (Mental/Genetic), Xander is Pyromantic (Mystic/Magical)
2. Charlie is Very suspicious of others (Hello!! she has an EVIL government black book project after her) and doesn't really trust Xander
3. The Shop is run by a branch of the NID, this is just so I can get SG1 involved later
4. Xander introduces Charlie to 'The Real World'
Challenge Date2 Apr 11
Last Updated5 May 11

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