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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerOdinMage
Challenge NameThere can be only One.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander > Xander-Centered > Theme: Immortal Xander
DescriptionThis challenge is two-fold. The first part is just a request for more Immortal Xander fics in general. The main request though is as follows:
YAHF where either Xander makes his own costume by buying a toy sword and using an old trenchcoat or something OR there are several costumes from Highlander at Ethans. Either way though, Xander is the only Immortal that dies (and is obviously revived via Quickening) during the course of the spell, because of this when the spell ends, Xander retains the Quickening/Immortality... BUT, and here's the part I haven't seen done before, because Xander is now the only Highlander-type Immortal in existence, he is the 'One'. He wins the Game by default, and gets the prize.
The prize can be anything you want, god-like power, the ability to make a wish (or whatever the hell that crap was in the second movie), the ability to wield the Quickening in unique ways, etc.
Since this is YAHF, please feel free to make it a multi-crossover as well, since without other Immortals you certainly aren't stuck in the Highlander universe.
Challenge Date3 Apr 11
Last Updated3 Apr 11

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