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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMatrya
Challenge NameThe Trials and Tribulations Surrounding Dawn Noël-MacLeod
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander > Dawn-Centered
DescriptionWhen the monks decided to send the Key to a Champion, they shopped around a bit. Sure, there was the Slayer, but the world was simply full of Champions, heroes and Hellblazer types.

There was also Duncan MacLeod, the Immortal who had defeated Ahriman. If he could take down an evil older than word, surely he could protect the Key.

Thus, they sent the girl to him in the most heart-wrenching form: as the daughter he had adopted with his dead love, Tessa.

Tessa must be dead and have died at the approximate time she did in canon (October '93). For pathos' sake, this should be within a year of the adoption having been finalised.

Highlander (series) canon should be kept as close as possible. (Preferably. Tweaks are all right, but please try to avoid "Duncan married Amanda and they live in Boca Raton" sort of plots.)

Should take place in the latter half of 2000 and the early half of 2001, sticking with Glorificus' search for the Key.

Joyce Summers was probably an art major at University. Perhaps she took some time abroad at the Sorbonne (she and Tessa were both born 1958). It could be conceivable, in this instance, that she and Tessa became good friends and that Dawn might consider Aunt Joyce and Uncle Hank whilst Buffy may consider Uncle Duncan.

Ben possibly being an intern at the hospital where Anne Lindsey works.

Dawn insisting she is old enough to watch Mary (Anne's daughter).

Any Methos, Joe or Amanda are coveted!

Perhaps once Duncan and crew find out the there's something off about Dawn, Joe enlists his old friend Rupert Giles: a Watcher with quite the knack for research!

Please no:
Character bashing.

Scoobies being Immies or Pre. (Including Dawn!)

Duncan/Methos. This is not Dawnie's Two Daddies and I always have trouble seeing the couple. (I'd prefer no significant romance, though, really. Unless you can squeeze in Joe/Joyce, because it makes me giggle.)

I hope someone finds this inspiring enough! It's more specific than I generally like my challenges, but I tried to leave room for your personal style and tastes.
Challenge Date22 Apr 11
Last Updated22 Apr 11

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