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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)Feynor
Challenge NameSunnydale EVE
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Sci-Fi
DescriptionTimeframe: Any time really
A starship crashes outside Sunnydale. Most of the crew is dead, but the pilot is found alive in the POD (EVE Online's "escape pods", though they can be destroyed as well, and often are by other players).

The Sunnydalers manages to access the ships/Pods computers, and at least get an idea what is going on. Here they discover that the pilot had found an uncharted wormhole, and despite warnings about it's stability decided to check it out anyway, as apparently while these wormhole spaces come with great risks, they can also lead to unimaginable riches.

This is where the data retrieved becomes grim. The pilot was not alone.
After exiting the wormhole two things happened:
1. It collapsed, and thus the "easy" way home was cut off. The only way back is to find another Wormhole.
2. The pilot was attacked by forces belonging to the dreaded Sansha Fleet. A fleet lead by a madman believing the only way to prosperity is absolute enslavement and control, going so far as to essentially turning all his victims into mindless drones.

EVE Online have come to Earth, and the Planet is looking at a full blown Sansha Incursion.

The author is free to use which ever Race, bloodline and chosen skill set and gender of the pilot they desire.
The same goes for the ship type crashing. Just remember that the choice of ship will invariably have an impact on the overall story. A small shuttle (~30m long), should be able to crash without being noticed, where for instance a battleship, which are usually 500m in length, or longer probably will not very easy to hide.

It might be an idea for the author to make up a fictional alliance from scratch. EVE players can be rather ... vocal about opponents at times, and it wouldn't do to get a flame war over that :)

I am aware that there are a few things normally preventing this crossover, at least in the way that EVE comes to Earth. One being that the universe of EVE Online originated on our Earth, and is set tens of thousands of years in the future, far away.

The solution could be that most land dwelling spices just happen to call the world they originate from their version of "Dirt", "Ground", Earth, or a derivative thereof. Just as we did. (We really are an unimaginative bunch at times)
And thus the BtVS Earth is not OUR Earth. It just happens to look the same.

Another way out could be the "fallen civilization" approach, where the ancestors of the population in EVE space originates from a previous incarnation of the Human form on this Earth, and managed to erase any trace of their existence when they left.

EVE Online is an MMORPG, and is actually a bit older than WoW. (By about 1.5 years). The setting is a single "realm" with over 7,500 solar systems, customizable starships and a fully player driven economy, including wars and conflict between players, corporations and alliances.
Challenge Date27 Apr 11
Last Updated27 Apr 11

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