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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)Feynor
Challenge NameMisplaced Dawn
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Dawn-Centered
DescriptionCanon up to the first episode of Season 5, where Dawn made her first appearance (if I recall).

The monks created Dawn, and in doing so created all the memories and other changes needed to have the Dawn construct fit into Buffy's family without raising suspicion.

Only they were disturbed a little too soon, and the insertion spell went wrong at the time of the actual insertion, and the key, in the form of Dawn, is displaced to another dimension instead of arriving in Sunnydale.

The Scoobies and the rest of the Sunnydale crew are suddenly short one little sister. And Dawn is a 11 year sister of a slayer, lost in another world and/or time.

How would Season 5 progress with the Scoobies also searching for Dawn, for instance Buffy drawing the wrong conclusion when she finds the Monk mentioning her sister, and when they do the spell to detect "tampering" with reality. Of course this would also mean that Dawn would be safe from Glory.

More importantly, how would Dawn Summers, the girl, cope with being in an unknown environment, where no one knows her, and where she can't find her family. Where it may never have even existed.

1. IMHO Dawn is the key to all realities, not just the key to open doors between them, but also the force keeping realities from mixing. Her uncontrolled displacement could open rifts between the realities she passed through/between.

2. Instead of realities, Dawn is just displaced in time. She still end up in the Summers Household, but about 15 years early. She is found by Joyce and adopted as when it turns out she has no family. Buffy will have a big sister, which is bound to change a few things.
And at the start of season 5, when the monk's memories are injected, everybody knowing Dawn will either have two sets of conflicting memories, or everybody just remember 11 year old Dawn, but in her place we have a grown up 25 year old woman...with or without the memories of an 11 year old.

Rule 1: No bashing please.
Rule 2: Canon up to the first episode of Season 5, preferably even up to the very last scene where we were supposed to see Dawn for the first time.
Challenge Date2 May 11
Last Updated2 May 11

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