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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerLithie
Challenge NameA new vampire's breed
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake > Angel-Centered
DescriptionAngel's return from Hell in S3 Buffy has affected him more than it seems. Now he must relearns who/what he is.

His sojourn in 'Hell' has changed him into an AB type vampire. That means he gets a permanent soul but must 'dies' during the day (at least a part of the day). As he spent a few centuries being tortured, he now is around 500 years old vampire. So like in BtVS, he stay a master vampire (with what that imply AB style)

However, his stay on the hell-mouth make him feral (his demon side is more predominant) and he has to struggle to control himself (why not have him drink human? accidentally or not? victim die or not?...) so I think he should still leave at the end of S3.

As he is the first of his kind, it affects every other of his line progressively (Dru, Spike, nameless minions, ...) and it also made him a sourde de sang.

Now what are the consequences for the Scoobies? How it affects Faith falls in the Dark (I kinda like her relationship with the Mayor)? How the others vampires (Dru and Spike mainly) are affect by the change? Does he become Master of the City in LA? Does he sires new childes? How did he realizes that his soul is permanent or that there isn't any risk to release Angelus ever again (in case you have his demon self and his soul fuse together)?

Suggestions :
- Please, do not make him a powerful Master, make it progressive. His power might be a Rise Early or even a Day-walker (if it's the case, it should have a cost, like a day up oblige him to 'die' a little longer after/before). Anything more/else is your choice.
- If you want more interaction with AB verse character, have Angel gains some guides as there is no information on his breed. One 'angel type', like Warrick, and one 'devil type', like Colin or Musette, but only from the dead vampire (just not too much powerful please).
- If you still want there to have interaction with Anita main characters, well..., just don't make it happen too early. Have at least Angel be well installed and adjusted in his new condition (maybe after Buffy S7)
Challenge Date8 May 11
Last Updated8 May 11

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