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Challenge IssuerRubyPaladin
Challenge NameA Child's Wish
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Avengers
DescriptionAs a young boy, Xander made a wish that his father would quit abusing him. Halfrek overheard the wish but found herself unable to grant the wish as Tony Harris isn't Xander's real father (Jessica Harris isn't his mother either). She takes some of Xander's blood and follows a magical trail to the Avengers Mansion.
According to the genetic tests, Xander is the son of Thor and Sif. (The Powers-That-Be abducted Xander from his parents, erased the memories of him from all the Asgardians, bound his powers, and placed him with the Harris'.) Thor and the Avengers head to Sunnydale to reclaim Thor's son.
They find Xander in the hospital being visited by Jesse and Willow and the Avengers begin to investigate. Black Widow finds out that Willow's parents have been out of the state for the last few weeks and takes Willow under her care. Hawkeye and Mockingbird find Jesse in a bad situation and take him under their care.

Fast Forward several years...
Xander has been trained by his father and mother. Willow has been trained by the Black Widow (who adopted her as her daughter) and Doctor Strange. Jesse has been trained by his new parents, the Bartons. The three of them found out that they need to return to Sunnydale.

How will the evil of Sunnydale face off against Alexander Thorson, Willow Romanoff, and Jesse Barton?
Challenge Date11 May 11
Last Updated11 May 11

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