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Challenge Issuervaldimarian
Challenge NameMy Favorite Teacher and Our Favorite Doctor?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionThe crossover: BTVS / Magic Schoolbus / Dr. Who

The Concept: The world's greatest (and strangest) teacher Ms. Frizzle has something in common with the universe's most prestigious doctor, Dr. Who!

At some point, be it pre, post or during BTVS, one or all of the Scoobies meet Ms. Frizzle and are introduced to her... unique teaching style. Somewhere in their journey, however, the Magic Schoolbus takes a detour from the scheduled field trip and runs into a 'sister ship' that looks like a... Police Box?!?

Some possibilities as to why the Scooby / Scoobies are involved:
* It's their class field trip! (Ms. Frizzle is filling in for a normal teacher in LA or Sunny-D)
* Tagging along (Either one of them spawned or one of the mini-slayers asked them to come with them on the trip)
* "Oops" (Somehow they get pulled into this wild ride when they weren't even supposed to be there)

Among the ideas for what they're studying there's always Space, Time, Cultures (in other times), Demons, Fairy Tales, Folklore, or even just driving down the street to the local museum can go awry!

(I blame webcomics for this idea, specifically this one: )
Challenge Date15 May 11
Last Updated15 May 11

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