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Challenge IssuerGhostrider
Challenge NameWhy do I always like girls who can kick my posterior?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other
DescriptionThis is an NCIS Los Angeles challenge.

Preferable timeline is after the collapse of Sunnydale. If using this timeline, it should be set during the current NCIS: LA timeline, which would account for Xander spending time in Africa as the new Council's man. The BTVS comics are to be considered non-canon.

After the death of agent Dominic Vail, instead of offering a position to Officer Deeks of the LAPD, Hetty recruits a weary Xander Harris, who's in LA to pay his respects to Cordelia and visit what's left of Sunnydale. He's just back from Africa after years of searching for Slayers, training them and setting up Slayer Houses, or getting them to Cleveland/England if necessary. Since basically, he's been the only Council operative in Africa for years, he's been all over the continent and witnessed all the evil that man and demon do there. It also means he's very well connected as he had to start from scratch setting up a Council presence, especially since the Council stayed far away from the continent due to whatever reasons. The weariness is partly because of that, partly because the rest of the Scoobs don't seem to grasp the importance of what he's been doing (no bashing please) and because now that everything is set up, suddenly the Council decides to put in someone who is more 'Council'.

Since the government has known about HSTs for a long time (invisible girl, Initiative etc.) the Scoobies have been on the radar. Hetty Lange decides that it might be a good idea to have someone on staff who knows about these things, as this is LA, home of one of Wolfram & Hart's branches and a city filled with demons, warlocks and other things of nightmares. Things they've not yet encountered but in their business, you never know what's lurking around the corner. Better to have someone around who knows what to do, right? And his African experiences and contacts rival those of most intelligence agencies.

He gets partnered with Kensi Blye. Another in a long line of kickass women, who take no prisoners and can give as good as they get in the banter department. She and the rest of the Office of Special Projects unit wonder who this one-eyed guy is, who is even more closed off about his past than Callan. Especially as they find out very little about him apart from him being from Sunnydale, former construction worker/project manager with extensive travel throughout Africa. And that he has a government file they can't crack.

Xander, being Xander, quickly forges geek friendships with Eric and Nell (those big screens in Ops? Perfect for WoW or FPS games, don't you think?) Lots of banter between the four field agents, while they try to figure the newest addition out.

Since Kensi has qualities of both Faith and Cordelia, the whole partnership sparks with banter, aggravation and the usual stuff that happens when Xander and a strong female are together. Extra points if the others rib her about the whole thing.

The story doesn't have to be concluded with a romance, but I wouldn't be opposed to it. It might be something that can be the start of a series of stories, starting out with the introduction of the new guy and the others trying to figure him out. It doesn't have to follow the canon NCIS: LA timeline as it currently stands but that's an added challenge for the writer themselves. I also realize that some people will object to a government agency hiring someone who has only one eye for fieldwork but remember, this is Hetty's bailiwick. Do you want to tell her no?
Challenge Date20 May 11
Last Updated20 May 11

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