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Challenge IssuerVampireCow
Challenge Name...An Apocolypse to Go
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > X-Men > Fred/Illyria-Centered
DescriptionIllyria can manipulate time, and make portals. While she is never seen actively jumping forwards or backwards, she does an awful lot of seemingly mindless staring. Perhaps she is monitoring the time stream? Who knows?

The challenge is thus: Illyria vs. Apocalypse. At one point he gains the ability to time travel, and uses it not only to travel through time but space as well. He thinks of himself as a God. Illyria takes affront to his hubris, portals in, and they fight.

That is all.

It can take place before or after the mutari generator, in any continuity, and I'm not even picky who wins. Perhaps the X-men show up and give some last-minute assistance to save the day? So long as both of the combatants give a good showing, I'll be happy.

Final note: Considering that they'll be judicious use of portals by both sides, you need not meld universes. The Marvel verse can be completely separate from the Buffy verse.
Challenge Date28 May 11
Last Updated28 May 11

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