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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerEricJablow
Challenge NameDemons and Artificial Intelligences
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Crime
DescriptionIn "I Robot, You Jane," the demon Moloch is scanned into the Net. Now, there are stories where other intelligent pieces of software roam the Net. I'm thinking of Donna Andrews' "Turing Hopper" series. The challenge is to have Turing notice Moloch's activity, realize how wrong it is, and try to fight back against the demon. And, how would a software entity that has trouble understanding the motivation of humans try to understand a demon? How would Turing understand the existence of demons?

Anyhow, this would be the software equivalent of Godzilla versus King Kong.
Challenge Date4 Jun 11
Last Updated4 Jun 11

Challenge Responses

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