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Challenge Details

Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)DeacBlue
Challenge NameTournament of Hearts
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionThe setup:

Monica Mancuso(Las Vegas) has a wonderful idea to raise revenue long term at the Montecito - reach out to low-level or occasional gambling sites (such as charity or "play" gambling cruises, or teen clubs that have casino nights, or so on), and have a random person or persons at each site win a week's stay at the Montecito where they'll participate in a "play" Texas Hold'em tournament. This supposedly will have a good impression on them when they can legally gamble.

The rules:

1. Besides Las Vegas, you must have at least two 'verses and two pairings. For instance, I plan to answer my own challenge, and I'm going to have the Daria and BTVS 'verses, with Buffy/Willow and Daria/Jane pairings. The pairings do not have to be in-universe or crossover, though, entirely up to you.

2. This needs to be represented as a very big convention for the Montecito. Ten people at one table will not cut it. It should be big enough that nobody beside the Montecito staff is sure who's there and who is supposed to be there.

3. The participants need to be high-school aged, to possibly college-aged. 21 is the minimum age for gambling in Nevada, and they need to be below that.

4. If you want, you can have a connection between your fic and those written before, or not. For instance, if I post before you, you can have your chosen characters bump into Daria and find out what odd things they've had happen with them. You don't have to, though. If you do, however, it's up to you to ensure continuity.

5. Besides the tourney, go to town. Romance, angst, action, comedy, all can happen, and probably will.
Challenge Date4 Jul 11
Last Updated4 Jul 11

Challenge Responses

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