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Challenge IssuerBritneyandJacob
Challenge NameFaith and Sam: The True Story
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
DescriptionImage if Faith and Sam met as kids while the Winchesters are on a hunt in Fairfax Indiana. They become fast friends unaware of their destinies in life. Faith gets bully around and who comes to her rescue none other then Sam Winchester. They meet when there 14 years old. Faith being grateful for being save from the big bad bully, spends time with Sam. Sam knowing that his time here isn't very long, spends as much time when his new friend Faith as long as he can. When the time comes for Sam to leave, he tells Faith who is heartbroken that her best friend is leaving her behind. But Sam tells her " we'll meet again in the future". After Sam leaves, Faith tries to move on and gets through school without her friend. Ten years later Faith Lehane is a vampire slayer and Sam Winchester is a full time Hunter. While Sam and Dean are hunting a nest of vampires they encounter Faith: The Vampire Slayer a friend of Sam. Sam and Dean find Faith fighting a bunch of vampires and Sam is surprise as he and Dean watch wondering how a girl can fight that good. After Faith finishing wiping out the whole nest of vampires, they find a bar nearby and get reacquainted with each other informing each about their professional. When Faith hears what happen to his mother Mary and his girlfriend Jessica, she is determined to help them find this yellow demon and send it back to hell. Also Sam and Dean could help Faith take down Kakistos, the demon who killed her watcher.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Post: Before Faith is called as a slayer.
Supernatural Post: Pre Season 1
School: Truman High School
Challenge Date5 Jul 11
Last Updated18 Jul 11

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