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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAnitaPotter
Challenge NameOz has a twin?! And he's a what?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies
DescriptionA Buffy/Knockaround Guys x-over.

Buffy finds her way to NY, how is up to you, and runs into Marbles, who she at first mistakes for Oz. Marbles can either be Oz's twin, some other relation, or just a guy who looks scarily like him. Buffy and Marbles become friends and he shows her around NY, letting her know all the best places to party, eat etc. and all the places to stay well away from. At first he tries to keep her away from Matty and the others, wanting her all to himself and to keep her from falling into their lifestyle. However one night while she's out, she either decides to go dancing and somehow meets Matty, Taylor and Chris while at the club, or winds up at Scarpas and runs into them there.

Everything else from there is up to you. Or you can just kinda use this to fuel your own completely separate idea for a Buffy/KG fic. I have never seen a Buffy/KG fanfic b/4 so decided to put this challenge out there to see what people could come up with. And if you wanted to make it Slash you could use Xander instead of Buffy, either one of them would be good. Or even both, that would definitely be fun to see. :)

I would like to see whoever you use paired with Taylor or Matty, but it's up to you, you can use whoever you want or however many of them you want in the pairings. Would also like to see all the guys be way possessive/protective. Thanx for stopping to read my challenge!
Challenge Date7 Aug 11
Last Updated7 Aug 11

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