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Challenge IssuerSpiceSinger
Challenge NameShadow of the Fallen Knight
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Shadow, The
DescriptionBtVS/The Shadow crossover.

(Based of an idea from the 1994 film and DC comics)

Now I've read many good stories where Xander learns to be a hero, a White Knight, mostly because it was the right thing for him to do. But what would the story be like if Xander fell prey to his bestial heart; embraced his inner darkness and became a Fallen Knight of the blackest and most evil of hearts. A Fallen Knight so evil that he was forced to be redeemed. And his price to be redeemed, was to use that darkness, that evil, to cloud men's minds and fight evil as The Shadow.

The theme is: Redemption


1. Xander must have submitted and embraced to his personal darkness during his travels. But even then he still remains wholly human and favors Earth's existence. As a result, he gains a reputation (both human and supernatural) as a cunning, brutal and fearsome warlord to those who would destroy the Earth (and his base of ill-gained power and wealth) and the name "Blood Knight"(Xuè Liè in Mandarin).
2. During Xander's time of darkness, the other BtVS characters have no clue of Xander's personality change, location and his acts of immortality.
3. Xander's redemption is forced by a holy man of some form. Keeping to a Tibetan Buddhism Tulku motif is suggested.
4. Xander still has a vast hatred for vampires. But as The Shadow, he tolerates Angel, understanding his anguish of redemption.
5. Xander's powers include: to cloud men's (and demon's) minds to become invisible except his shadow, telepathy, telekinesis, suggestion, and hypnosis. His physical prowess extends to vampire brawling, martial arts (taught from the holy man), two gun-play, and enhanced pain-endurance. He still has the normal human limits of strength, reflexes and tolerances though.
6. Humans and demons who have their own mind powers can fight Xander's abilities more effectively.
7. Xander will do anything to hide is dark past and his identity as The Shadow from his friends, due to regret and shame, and in fear for their lives.
8. As The Shadow, Xander had gained a vast intelligence network of agents to help him fight evil. The Agents are those who he has saved in some form or another, to even include some demons. They can be identified and contacted by a mystic piece of jewelry with a burgundy gem.
9. Xander gives harsh, yet poetic, punishments in fighting evil as The Shadow. Driving them mad with fear, guilt, pain are all possible. He will even kill, but only if it is fitting for the crime and as a last resort to in order to save lives.
10. Slayers senses react "oddly" when Xander is in his full Shadow identity because of his inner darkness. He reads as both human and inhuman. Note that Slayers can still be affected by Xander's powers, though not as effective.
11. No character bashing. Keep to characters personalities as much as possible. Xander as The Shadow is a much darker personality, but it is still Xander.
12. No Slash. Romance is possible but keep in mind of Xander's issues in being The Shadow will entail with someone else.

Here are some possible suggestions for the story. You can use all, some or none of them:

1. Flashbacks of Xander as Xuè Liè doing his worst to those who threaten his power.
2. During the Road Trip or his travels to Africa is when Xander starts his fall into darkness.
3. The First Evil, fearing Xander power, tries to tempt him and/or uses Caleb abilities to put The Shadow in check.
4. Glorificus mind-drain is a beacon to Xander's power and vice versa. Her Shroud of Illusion still effects Xander but due to Ben's human mind she is also vulnerable to Xander's mind clouding ability.
5. Xander's inner beast and darkness can possibly manifest as the hyena and the soldier possessions.
6. Possible Agents: One (or more) of the original BtVS cast (but keeps it secret), Riley, Ayna, Clem, Gunn, The Host, Willie(?!)...
7. The Watcher's Council know of the previous Shadow, but are unsure of the new one is the same or not. So they send someone to investigate. Who?...
8. PTB sent the holy man to Xander to be redeemed. Or tried to prevent it. Or both.
9. Xander, as The Shadow, foils Angelus plots to the point of causing him nearly insane with frustration and fear.
10. Mayor Wilkins sees The Shadow as "disrespectful" and hires someone to kill him. That someone is an assassin (ex-lover?) Xander knew (and knew him) as Xuè Liè (Blood Knight) and causes complications.
11. Xander is attracted to Faith. But then she kills and then falls under the Mayor's influence, what will The Shadow do?
12. The Gypsy clans know of The Shadow and both respect and fear him. How do they react when the new one appears?
13. The Scoobies meets The Shadow in the flesh for the first time, but so does Spike, Dursilla and Kendra. Fun, stakes and misunderstanding ensue.
13a. Faith meets The Shadow in the flesh for the first time as well, but so does Finch, Trick and Kakistos. More fun, stakes and misunderstandings ensue.

Bonus points (and a cookie) for:

1. A cameo of Lamont Cranston.
2. Xander trying to use the mystic Phurba Knife to slay a vampire, and failing.
3. Xander as The Shadow driving a demon away and then later attracting the same demon (as Xander) in front of his friends without exposing his powers.
4. The Shadow having a "friendly" talk with Synder.
5. Xander as Xuè Liè, explain the value of Twinkies as a punishment to a soon to be dead person. And then a much later (and redeemed) Xander gives the same speech of Twinkies to someone else, but as way of redemption (Think of Jules from Pulp Fiction giving that famous bible speech and the two meaning he gets from it; you'll get the idea).
6. Willow babbling at/about The Shadow on how he makes his cape all "floaty."
7. The Shadow's creepy laughter spooking the crap out of them.

Looking forward in seeing what is done by the authors out there. Enjoy and have fun!
Challenge Date11 Aug 11
Last Updated11 Aug 11

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