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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerIcisofAvalon
Challenge NameWar and Writing
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionHave you ever noticed how many stories were written about, during, or referencing WWII?

While time goes on fewer and fewer people remember what that war, or wars like it, can do to a person. Although Angel references WWII a little, and Buffy even less, many of literature's best villains and heroes were forged in the fires of war.

Magneto, as a child, survived a concentration camp. Voldemort, as a child, spent his summers in London during the Blitz. The Pevensie children escaped the Blitz in the home of Prof. Kirke. Angel was forced to retrieve a submarine, in which Spike spent some time on as a prisoner.

Many modern-ish stories flash back to the past or take place there completely. I would like you to crossover stories during WWII. This is a great opportunity for one-shots. All of the big stories have timelines on a Lexicon or a Wiki, so finding out how old the various characters are at a certain point in time is fairly simple, or you can twist their timelines, it's up to you.

I would especially like to see what would happen if Tom Riddle met someone from The Chronicles of Narnia. They are all about the same age and living in London at the same time. Tom seems inherently evil, while Lucy is portrayed as inherently good and innocent. It could be very interesting.

SG-1 was sent to the 60s, why not England in the 40s? It would be quite a trial for military minded people to avoid messing with the timeline.

Perhaps Erik Lehnsher encountered Angel or Spike. Maybe Erik was rescued by one of them or turned.

The possibilities are endless.
Challenge Date27 Aug 11
Last Updated27 Aug 11

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