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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerSirIanDRash
Challenge NameJustice or the League?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe
DescriptionAn interdimensional portal opens in the DC verse, and a dozen ragged refugees escape through it.
They are pursued by a one-eyed guy with an axe, young girls with metahuman abilities and a red-headed witch.
What can a superhero do?

The Slayers and Watchers Council stops an apocalypse, but the perpetrators escape to the DC verse. They follow them, and Xander, or someone else kills one of the runners in front of the DC heroes, who came to check on the Dimensional Breach. The SWC is a lawful organization, with enough licenses to make anyone freak out, and they are in hot pursuit of criminals, who are to be executed. On the other hand, no superhero can simply watch a bunch of ragged, scared people killed and-or captured by a better armed ruthless force no matter what they say.

The dilemma is clear. Which group is right? Should the Justice League even do anything? Could they live with doing nothing?
Challenge Date2 Sep 11
Last Updated2 Sep 11

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