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Challenge IssuerTheElegantFaerie
Challenge NameBuffy, The Charmed Slayer version 1
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Cole Turner
DescriptionThis is a Charmed/Buffy crossover. Originally I wasn’t going to have Buffy a relative of the Halliwell’s like in my other Challenge but then I thought that the Power of Four idea was pretty cool. And usually this type of story would take place after Prue’s funeral but this the beginning of Season 3 and Prue isn’t dead yet so I think they would be more welcoming to find out about another sister. (No Paige) I'm probably going to come up with another version of this Cole/Buffy Challenge, the only difference is that for BtVS it will take place after Season 7 but the Season 3 for Charmed will be the same.

Categories: Charmed/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Setting: Charmed Season 3, BtVS after Season 2 and during Season 3

Pairing: Buffy/Cole Turner, Piper/Leo

Other pairings: Any other pairings are your choice.

Rating: T-M (Smut, language, and violence)


After sending Angel to Hell, Buffy makes a decision and goes to talk with Joyce. She hasn’t seen any of her friends since before the battle. When Buffy and her mom talk, it’s revealed that Buffy was adopted by Joyce and Hank in San Francisco and the only clue to her birth parents is the name Patty Halliwell.
Buffy wants to go find her birth parents/family so Joyce gives her consent to go San Francisco and Buffy doesn’t want the gang to know. Then the gang later finds out and tracks her down, like halfway through the story. Phoebe gets a vision about Buffy being their sister or something that lets them know about Buffy.
When she gets to the city, she looks up Halliwell and finds the Halliwells in the phone book and their address. To confirm that Buffy is their sister they summon Grams and Patty, their mother’s spirit. All the Power of Three spells turn into the Power of Four.
The Underworld gets wind that another Charmed One is in existence but they overlook/don’t know she’s also The Slayer. So Cole doesn’t know it either, yet.
In this story, Leo and Piper get back from the Elders before they all meet Cole at the crime scene with Darryl, which Buffy goes with them to. They meet Buffy after Leo and Piper get back and then the next day Piper, Prue, Phoebe and Buffy are at the crime scene.
When Cole meets them, he is drawn to Buffy (like he was drawn to Phoebe when he met her in the series) and he picks her to be the one to get close to. Buffy is drawn to him (just like Phoebe was) but her love for Angel and her hurt keeps her from getting close for awhile.
The Scooby gang, when they find Buffy with the Charmed Ones and Cole, are very bitter and angry that Buffy ran away. Xander and Willow especially. Xander is self-righteous that Buffy abandoned the Hellmouth and Willow is upset that Buffy left and when she finds out Buffy is a Charmed One and part of a magic family line, she gets a little jealous. They want her to help with the Mayor or something. Because Buffy was never in Sunnydale, Faith doesn’t go evil.

*Buffy discovers that she is actually a year older than she was originally. She thought she was 18, she is actually 19-20ish.
*Buffy retains her Slayer powers and status
*Buffy gets witch powers
*She can orb, her father was Sam, her mother’s whitelighter.
*No Phoebe/Cole, though I am a major fan of it, not in this story.
*The Underworld knows about the new Charmed one but they do not know that she is The Slayer. Cole eventually finds this out when he’s already halfway in love with her.
*When Buffy learns the truth about Cole, she reacts the same way Phoebe did, she still loves him and fake vanquishes him. The relationship between them eventually has to last.
*In All Hell Breaks Loose, Prue doesn’t die because they have Leo’s healing and Buffy’s as well


Romance for Phoebe: Maybe someone from BtVS
Challenge Date6 Sep 11
Last Updated6 Sep 11

Challenge Responses

. After sending Angel to Hell, Buffy makes the decision to go back and talk to her mother, Joyce Summers. During the conversation Joyce reveals that Buffy was adopted in San Francisco.
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