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Challenge IssuerHikaruKosuzaku
Challenge NameXander's Sister
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > Xander-Centered
DescriptionOkay, so I've read a lot of Xander fics, and I have to say I like a lot of them. So I moved on to the crossovers, and again, my favorites were with NCIS. Only, I'm sorely disappointed in the fact that first, there aren't more, and second, a lot of them have to do with a falling out of sorts or Xander drifting away from the Scoobies. Which just shouldn't happen. That's wrong on so many levels. Totally not for the good. So, I propose a challenge.

It'll be a little AU, because one...I want Xander to at least try his hand at the college thing. Either he actually went (with Giles paying or something) or he did online courses (again, with Giles paying...). Two, I want Xander to be Abby's little brother. Half-brother, preferably. She does have one named Alex after all... And three, I want Anya to have disappeared or died right before he would have proposed instead of him leaving her on their wedding day. Not that that wasn't telling of his insecurities or whatever, but I think it would be more interesting to the story.

As for the premise, oh, I don't know. Either Xander is asked to become liaison for NCIS and ends up working there. Or he's burned out with the hunting and the fighting, and the loosing people and the Scoobies can all see it, and in an attempt to catch him before he falls, they send him for some down time with his sister.

The main thing, though, is that he has to have a strong relationship with all the Scoobies. They're close and family and nothing will get between them. Sunnydale's sunk, but that didn't mean they sunk with it. could possibly have a reason for them to show up in DC as well. Demons are everywhere after all, and Xander is the White Knight...The One That Sees or whatever...

If you can throw in some issues with the Hyena, that would be lovely as well. Not him having issues with her taking over, but him gaining something from it.

Pairings can be anything, although for some reason I've grown to like Spike/Xander...which is weird beyond all reason...

Another thing, keep it rated for 18 or below. I don't like reading lemons. So

Anyone who wants this can have it, and if more than one want it? Well, the world can always use more Xander fics.

Hikaru Kosuzaku
Challenge Date30 Sep 11
Last Updated30 Sep 11

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