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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmed
Challenge NameWeapons of Fate
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Wanted
DescriptionIt turns out, Buffy actually has the power that the assassins of the Fraternity have. She's still the Slayer, but there's a reason she's the longest living Slayer recorded in history, and that's because all her speed and senses are vastly enhanced, making her twice as deadly as the Slayers before (and after) her.

She's never approached by the Fraternity, however, what with the Watcher's Council looming over her since she was a teenager. The Council may or may not know of their existence, but regardless they don't like others interfering with their Slayer.

It isn't until years later, long after Sunnydale's collapse, that Buffy has a run in with one of their assassins that they try to recruit her. But as we know, she's never liked the idea of being "fate's" bitch, and she definitely has a problem with the Powers That Be churning out kill orders. So naturally she makes the decision to delve into their world, and unravel their (particularly Sloan's) secrets, and hopefully put a stop to the killing.

Which is how she meets Cross, Wesley Giboson's father, and decides to put aside her dislike of guns in favor of keeping Wesley safe and bringing down the Fraternity.

A Buffy/Wesley pairing would be amazing, but if not I'd like a really strong friendship between the two.

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Challenge Date3 Oct 11
Last Updated3 Oct 11

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