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Challenge IssuerHikaruKosuzaku
Challenge NameFate's Favorite Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
DescriptionSo, I have a mostly planned idea that I really don't have the time to write. If someone else wants to take it, feel free. It should be fun for any writer, really, and I would love to read it.

So, this is an NCIS/Sentinel/whatever you want crossover with Buffy, obviously.

It starts before Xander loses his eye, whenever you want it to start really.

The PTB aren't the nicest people, but Fate is, especially with those that she considers her favorites. And Xander is one of her favorites. She's tired of the crap that he puts up with (not from the other Scoobies though, because I want them to be close, and they know he's the heart of the group), so she sends him Spike. Yup, this is a Spike/Xander fic. Anya ran off right before Xander would have proposed, and Spike sorta picked up the pieces.

But that wasn't enough, as Xander's home life gets progressively worse, even with the Hyena fighting back against Tony. So Fate decides that it's time Xander finds out the truth. He's not Tony Harris's son. So, in the middle of a research party, Xander suddenly passes out. On the other side of the country, Tony DiNozzo is in the middle of a case with his team, and he suddenly passes out. The two meet in a dark void and find out they're half-brothers. After waking up, they call each other to find out if it was real, and it was. They keep in touch, for the most part, after that.

Xander loses his eye...the series continues the way it was...but the night before the fight with the First, Tony Harris finds out about Tony DiNozzo and that he isn't Xander's father. He decides to do something about that, and when Xander gets home, he shoots Xander's mom, tries to shoot Xander (who gets injured, but not too terribly. I always figured the bullet would graze the length of his arm, deeply, but not too bad) and then blows his brains out. Spike is the one that finds Xander between the bodies of his parents, having a bit of a mental breakdown. He takes Xander to Giles who helps clean him up.

And then the fight happens, Spike dies, and Sunnydale collapses. In DC, the NCIS team is watching the news about the collapse and Tony is practically panicking until he gets a hold of Xander, who asks if he can stay with Tony for a while. Xander goes to DC while the others all move on to Cleveland. He's supposed to set up a Slayer school in DC and work as a liason for the International Watcher's Council.

What they didn't know, though, was that Xander is a Sentinel and that Spike was his Guide. So he's starting to have issues with his senses, and no one knows what to do about it. Until Angel calls and says that Spike is back as a ghost. So Xander goes to LA to meet up with Spike and set up a Slayer school there. When Spike gains back his body, they return to DC.

And from there you can do whatever you want. Feel free to add in any other xovers you want. Um...I don't like reading smut, so no explicit sex scenes. Implied is fine, though. Uh...Oh, and the Scoobies have to remain close. They kinda try to keep Xander from fighting, but not because they think he's weak, but because they know that if they were to lose him, they would ultimately fall. He's the Heart.

Xander's Hyena and Soldier-Boy left him with skills, and his spirit guide is probably the Hyena...or something that fights it out with the Hyena, leaving him with more skills when they merge...

Have fun with this....and try to let me know if you decide to write it.
Challenge Date3 Oct 11
Last Updated3 Oct 11

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