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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameXander in Camelot; A white Knight's tale.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Merlin
DescriptionI'm not sure how many people have been watching 'Merlin' on BBC, but since its now on the Syfi channel I'm geussing more then a few. What I want is simple, put Xander Harris in Camelot.

For years on 'Merlin' its been Merlin trying to save the day, Uther sending innocents to their deaths, Auther being a prat, Gwen being useless, and Morgana having horriable nightmares about fire, the death of innocent magic user, and the fear that she'll end up on the pior.

Of course, that was before Uther some how became the misunderstood good guy....despite killing children. And Morgana smirks alot and is simply bad for wanting Uther dead. Might have something to do with the fact that daddy dearest burns people outside her bedroom window....but whos to say.

Merlin's saving Uther time and time again, in the off chance that one day Auther will be a better man then his father. And wont somehow be poisoned by the death of his beloved daddy.

Serious, drop Xander into the mix. Let him call it how he sees it. I have little doubt that he wont take Morgana's side and think, 'The Kings gotta die.'

Innocent men, women, and children are being killed, Uther's rejoicing, Auther's doing nothing, Merlin's doing nothing in the off chance that nothing is the best plan, and Gwen is useless. Morgana's the only one thinking stright and shes 'bad'.

Most Haves:
Xander seeing hopeless innocents being exicuted for 'magic' use, and decides to fight back and save them. Throwing a gauntlet, more or less into the face of Uther and Camelot.
Xander and Morgana team up, seeing as they would be the only ones with the people's best interests at heart. He could even teach her what little magic he knows to help with her nightmares.
A love interest between Xander and Morgana would be swell. Any rating, but NC-17 is just more fun.

Most Not Have:
Xander doesn't blindly agree with Merlin that letting Uther live and turning a blind eye to the deaths of innocent people for the futures 'greater good'. After all, hes never agreed with destiny. I doubt he'd stand by and let a big Dragon tell him what for.
No Slash.
No Xander/Gwen. Unless hes seducing her for a reason, IE keys, information, attack plans ect.

Now, if you want Xander and Morgana to teach each other magic. Cool. Neat. I have no problem with that. Or Morgana teaching him sword fighting, since she seemed pretty skilled and he probably doesn't know more then slash and burn.

But don't forget, for all Xander's inability to use a sword or weild powerful magic...hes from the 21st century. I bet with basic highschool he knows how to make gun powder, first aid, world information, the fact that the world it self isn't flat of the center of the universe....ect. Don't limit him. He'd be pretty smart in the dark ages.

There just aren't that many of this crossover. Less the 12 I think, and absolutely no Xander/Morgana pairings. Write something fun and honest to both Btvs and Merlin. And have fun doing it.

): )
Challenge Date11 Oct 11
Last Updated11 Oct 11

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