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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameLost Boy.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Lost Girl
DescriptionLost Girl is about a women named Bo, who at turning 18 finds out shes a succubus and most feed on the sexual energy of men & women to live. She was always a 'fae', but her powers didn't kick in until she was 18.

That just leaves so much room for Xander, now doesn't it? Heres the challenge, make him a fae.

Either a Incubus, the male version of Bo.
A shapeshifter, like Dyson. But he doesn't have to turn into a wolf.
A Blood Mage, like Trick. Writing things true with his blood.
A Leanan sidhe, like The Morrigan.
Or any other type of fae that tickles your fancy.

Bo was known as the lost child, the little fae girl that the humans adopted. Not knowing about her people or who she really was. I want something simular, little baby Xander is lost or abandoned. Either way, he doesn't know until hes 18 what he is or who his peeps are.

There are two types of fae, the Light side and the Dark side. He picks a side, and I wouldn't mind seeing him chose the Dark side. After all, Light and Dark doesn't mean good and bad. The Light can be murders or dicks and the Dark can be helpful or good.

Most Haves:
Cordeila has to say, "So all this time we were dating and you were a secret fairy?"
He gets in chummy with his new boss and people, either The Morrigan or The Ash.
He doesn't get along with Dyson, after all he seems like a werewolf version of Angel sometimes.
Xander can sleep with Bo, but it doesn't have to go anywhere. After all sex to her is like a snack.

Most not Have:
No Slash.
No God like Xander, after all while the fae are long lived or powerful in some ways....there aren't any gods among them. Not even Trick.
No Scooby bashing. There still friends, but aren't around each other as much.

I don't think there has been a single Xander/Lost Girl story written. You ca be the first. Make Xander a Frost Giant, a Mongolian Death Worm, anything. Have a fun time, the series is funny as hell.

): )
Challenge Date9 Nov 11
Last Updated9 Nov 11

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