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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerWolfWriter
Challenge NameYAHF: The Unsolved Riddle
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Batman > Xander-Centered
DescriptionThe premise is simple. On that particular Halloween, Xander finds the Riddler suit that came from the 1966 TV show. Not the green unitard thingie, the three piece suit with the black shirt, green vest, jacket and matching trousers (along with the bowler hat and question mark cane).

For the duration of the spell, Xander channels Frank Gorshin's version of the Riddler.

The Riddler finds himself in a town that has gone nuts, the kids are literally little monsters, he's in a body that's over twenty years younger than his own, he's being trailed by a red headed ghost that calls him 'Xander', and there's not a Bat or Bird Boy in sight.

What's a criminal to do?

Now, say what you will about the Riddler (in any incarnation), he's not the type to let children be endangered (Robin didn't count as a kid; he was an annoyance to be swatted.)

Naturally, he saves Buffy from the vampires, and goes with Giles to find Ethan Rayne.

He beats the snot out of the man with the cane, and gets the info on how to stop the spell.

When the bust is broken, everything goes back to normal....

....or does it?

Xander will have a BIG boost in intelligence after the night is over, without the obsessive compulsive behavior to commit crime. At least, not against the good guys.

He'll use riddles to confuse the hell out of the bad guys, especially Angelus.

The only pairing that is acceptable for this story is with Faith.

Mild Buffy and Willow bashing is allowed, but Giles HAS to back Xander up when Buffy tries to kick him out of the Scoobies.
Challenge Date15 Nov 11
Last Updated15 Nov 11

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