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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerKlimmatt
Challenge NameBalance of Power
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionAlright, so I've noticed that a lot of people here like to cross Buffy with universes where there exist beings such as Superman or the Hulk, both of whom make the Slayer look like an insect in comparison in terms of strength, yet people (myself included) still grant their powers to certain characters (usually to Xander) and basically overshadow anything that Buffy has ever done in her time as 'Chosen One'.

So, here's my challenge, take a character from Buffy, (I'd prefer Xander, but whatever floats your boat), and somehow give them the powers of any character you want (without using Halloween), /but/ you have to scale any abilities down so that they will be equal to, or inferior to, the powers of the Slayer. In other words, no matter what powers the character develops, Buffy, Faith, and/or Kendra must remain capable of kicking their asses.

For example, using the Hulk, the character in question would still transform into a monstrous behemoth when enraged, but, though their strength and durability may exceed Buffy's in this form, her speed, skill and ability to use weapons effectively would have to equal the playing field.

Or, using Superman, the Kryptonian abilities would have to be regulated carefully, such as the super-senses not being capable of monitoring an entire city, and the strength being reduced to Slayer levels. The speed would also have to be slowed considerably as well, but, considering the abundance of magic in the BtVS universe, the indestructibility could remain in tact. Heat vision could also be maintained, so long as it doesn't instantly incinerate any demon in its path.

Would also prefer that this takes place pre-season four, and that there be no non-canon slash.
Challenge Date17 Nov 11
Last Updated17 Nov 11

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