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Challenge IssuerSithicus
Challenge NameSpider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America... ENOUGH!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Other Marvel Comics
DescriptionI am getting a tad bit tired of seeing the same old cliches, oh sure the characters are more well known, but quite frankly there are only so many Good ways that you can make a believable crossover with the above listed heroes before you get burned out on seeing the damn things.

So I am issuing a challenge of EPIC Proportions. I want to see somebody convincingly and with proper grammar and pacing skills write up a Marvel Comics crossover using characters that haven't been done to death.

I'm thinking along the lines of characters like The Micronauts, Power Pack, Jimmy Woo Agent of SHIELD, The Man-Thing, Howard the Duck, The Exiles, the NEO KNIGHTS (From Marvel's Transformers Comics.), The Runaways (Perhaps) or any other obscure Marvel Character from their Space Hero Comics.

The reason for this challenge is simple, I am tired of the same old, same old, I want a unique interesting attempt at a Crossover. In fact, I think a perfect jumping on point for this type of crossover would be the episode with the Demon from Space. (I haven't watched that one in ages, but I know for a fact that almost nobody does anything with it. Maybe because it wasn't one of the better episodes, I can't recall and I'd have to re-watch it anyway to jog my memory. But the point is to make it NOT ANOTHER YAHF!

Rules of the Challenge:
No Male on Male Slash unless it is Canon (IE Hulkling and Wiccan from Young Avengers)
Any length, but it must have proper grammar and pace, I don't want you to tell me the story I want you to show me the story. And if you have to ask what that means then you don't yet understand the difference between the two.
Only Obscure Marvel Characters are allowed, you may make one or two, but no more, references to teams like the X-Men, Avengers or a character from same, but they are not in this story. Perhaps just a one-off comment from the characters referring to a past meeting with same.
Can be serious, comical, dramatic, angsty, or any other emotional connation you like, but try to make it resonate with your reading audience.
I strongly advise that anyone taking on this challenge have a decent knowledge base of the characters, don't just use a Marvel WIKI to half-arse the damn thing.
Kindly leave all Character Bashing at the door and refrain from taking on this challenge just to simply bash the character of your choice.

Pairing Ideas include anything from Cannon, or if you prefer have something interesting. A Skrull in love with Xander, well of course he is quite a catch, especially if he can be properly empowered using Skrull technology to suit the needs of whatever plot they might have going for them.

Willow in a kinky Lesbian Three-Way with some of the Female Exiles. GO NUTS!

Buffy loves a straight and true hero without any of the angst she's known for. Brava, brava I say, thumbs up if you can pull that off without falling into the cliched character bashing of Angel and/or Spike or even Riley.

Giles getting it on with someone? Sure why not, the old guy deserves some loving too, I mean he had Olivia for the longest time before she finally couldn't take it anymore. I'd say he deserves someone appropriate. (But keep in mind I said No Male Slash unless Cannon and Ethan/Ripper is not a Cannonical pairing no matter how much you ruddy well want it to be.)

Thank you for taking the time to examine this challenge, your mission, should you choose to accept it, has been laid out for you. Now let's see if my Challenge Curse will finally be lifted because all of my previous challenges have gone unanswered. But perhaps this time's the charm.

The Marvel Universe is Vast, CAN YOU find an obscure character I forgot to mention and make up a story with him or her or even it? I'd love to see you try, because I am sick to death of Xander as Spider-Man, Buffy related to Scott Summers and Willow doing whatever it is Willow typically does in these things. She isn't used nearly enough, hmmm, perhaps it could be Willow Centric? YAY!
Challenge Date18 Nov 11
Last Updated18 Nov 11

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