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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuersouldriven
Challenge NameHere There be Dragons
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy
DescriptionDid anyone else notice that dragon leave the portal at the end of season 5? When Buffy - Or Dawn (or whoever somehow manages to make the sacrifice in thier place) - jumps, she lands in Skyrim. Right on time to be ambushed by the Imperial Legion trying to capture the Stormcloaks.


The Scoobies somehow land themselves in Skyrim. Unfortunately they don't land in the same place. Some of them, like Buffy, search to reunite with the others while others, like Willow, immerse themselves in what the new world has to offer. All of them at one point become companions to the 'player'- if one of them isn't the dragonborn.

- if someone comments on Buffy being the shortest Nord they've ever met and paying for it.
- Bufffy, or one of the scoobies, being the dragonborn, or being mistaken for them.
- Willow (and Tara?) joining mages college
- someone joining the bard's college
- someone (dawn/anya) joining the thieves guild
- Oz and the Companions
- Xander being a non-human/monsters/dragons- magnet to the point people follow/avoid him because of it.
Challenge Date20 Nov 11
Last Updated20 Nov 11

Challenge Responses

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