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Challenge Issuerwarfolomei
Challenge NameWitchblade meets White Knight.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Witchblade
DescriptionChallenge: BTVS/Top Cow Witchblade
Pairing: Xander Harris/Sara Pezzini

''Once upon a time, because that's how all the best true stories start, there was a faraway kingdom. The kingdom was part of a vast land where magic was real, dragons still roamed the skies and brave warriors were all that stood against the spread of evil.'' Witchblade #138

Xander was a human knight in previous life. Protecting his kingdom in a loosing fight against supernatural.''Evil'' Witchblade user noticed him during the final battle and offered a deal, which X refused. Battle. She expresses that it would have been nice if they met under better circumstances. Time skip to modern times. ''Reincarnated'' Xander is in New York, posing as a detective and investigating rumors for council. Becoming replacement for Patrick Gleason, only Witchblade artifact doesn't reject him.

Post Africa for human Xander. May have an anti-demon weapon (e. hellboy's Samaritan gun) and a slayer playing as his daughter.
After coma for Sara Witchblade #61.
Challenge Date2 Dec 11
Last Updated2 Dec 11

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