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Challenge IssuerWolfWriter
Challenge NameXander in the 1966 Batman universe
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Batman > Xander-Centered
DescriptionThrough one of Willow's many screwups, Xander gets sent to 1966 Gotham City.

It takes place during the pilot episode "High Diddle Diddle/Smack In The Middle".

At this point in time, Xander is still in high school, and remembers the TV series from the reruns that were broadcast ad infinitum since before he was born.

He is sent there due to a foul up of Willow's, right in the middle of a fight with a nasty demon that can't be killed by gunfire, only piercing its brain with a blessed bladed weapon.

Unfortunately, it's right in front of Police Headquarters, and the two of them land squarely in front of the Batmobile, missing it by inches.

Of course, this brings the cops, and Xander yells, "NO GUNS! IT'S BULLETPROOF!" just before he's thrown off of the demon's back onto the pavement.

Not even Bat-sleep spray will knock this thing out.

Xander, being the brave, reckless dipstick that he is, jumps back into the fray with a broken leg, and kills the demon by shoving his sword into its brain through it's throat (think of how Paul Atreides killed Fayd Rautha; yeah like that).

Of course, when he's checked into the hospital, they find that his ID is for a place that doesn't exist, and that his money is from the mid 1990's. He also tells Batman that he knows his secret identity, which means that Bruce will end up with another ward.

Unfortunately, Xander and Robin will not get along all that well. Xander considers himself the King of Bad Puns and Wise Cracking, and considers the Boy Wonder to be a rank amateur.

Take it from there and have fun with it.

No pairings, and especially no SLASH.

Oh, and if you give Bruce gray hair from dealing with two bitchy teenaged boys, all the better.
Challenge Date3 Dec 11
Last Updated3 Dec 11

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