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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerwarfolomei
Challenge NameNecromancer VS Demon magnet
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake > General > Alternate Universe
DescriptionBTVS/Anita Blake

A pirate ship crashes on the streets of St. Louis. Reports of one eyed captain and his companion start to spread. Is he behind the rising number of murders or merely hunting something out of this world ? Jean-Cloud sends Anita to investigate.

There are a lot of fics where those two are friends or at least work on the same side. What if this time Xander is one of those annoying villains who know more than they let on.

1) Xander is immune to supernatural powers and has one companion/helper ; slayer, witch, succubus or Dawn with him.
2) Other hunters of St. Louis are involved
3) Confrontation between Anita and Xander.
4) No slash pairing for X.... seriously people

Xander after Africa.
Anita after Incubus Dreams.
Challenge Date7 Dec 11
Last Updated7 Dec 11

Challenge Responses

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