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Challenge IssuerVillageOrchid
Challenge NameXander as Romana II's companion
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-Centered
DescriptionTAG: Romana didn't need or want anyone, but Xander needed someone to protect.

Minor Spoilers for up to the current season at the end of the post.

Backstory Recap:

Romana II as played by Lala Ward is intelligent, self-sufficiencant and well educated.
She has a sense of play that has gotten her interested in engaging in the affairs of mortals but doesn't necessarily favor humans or the 20th century as the Doctor had.

We see her leave for another dimension with a K-9 when she leaves the Tom Baker Doctor, and don't hear about her again until briefly, possibly in the new series that she accepted being the President of Gallifrey under the rule and rebirth of Rassilon, perhaps at the beginning of the time war, perhaps as a figure head into the time war.

She's still quite charming and naive when we last saw her.

Xander, any time after high school, would make an idea companion with the same kind of tension that the Doctor often has with his female companions. He's jaded even before he loses his eye, but does run towards danger.

Pluses if Xander is eventually some how able to "save" Romana from the end of the time war or be Romana's "secret weapon" against Rassilon.

More about the Time War, Timelords and Rassilon from hints in the series:

There's a reason that time lords only have 12 regenerations, that that reason is that typically their sanity starts to go. Rassilon was a great war-leader after being a great leader, but there was a reason he was entombed; instead of going on and on.

With the exception of the Celestial Intelligence Agency, most time lords never leave Gallifrey for their occupation, and for some a love of learning can only so so far over the ages before you are tempted to get involved in the lives of your fellow citizens (politics) or consider the wider universe.

Keep in mind that the 9th and 10th Doctor are for sure that she's dead, but the 11th Doctor had a hand in focusing the reconstruction of all reality.
Challenge Date9 Dec 11
Last Updated9 Dec 11

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