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Challenge Issuermellusene
Challenge NameThe Trio of Power!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
DescriptionI think if Willow Tara and Sam ended up together they would be an awesome pairing, and make an awesome story. The possibilities are endless, so here are some guidelines:

-Sam meets Willow and Tara, and the girls shyly admit to each other that they like him. He likes them too, but he knows they are together, and seeing as they are lesbians doesn’t think he has a chance.
-They all get drunk, or enchanted (Incubus or Succubus?) and sleep together. A bond is formed, they all click into place like missing puzzle pieces.
-There is a prophecy about the three of them. Earth Witch (Tara) Goddess (Willow) Warrior (Sam)
-Starts in Season two of SPN, and before Willow starts to get addicted to dark magic.
-If it follows the BtVS story line, Tara can’t die.
-Eventually Dean has to end up paired with Dawn.
-Dawn has to either end up a Slayer or a witch, but she is has to be trained to hunt.
-When Glory mind sucks Tara, Sam and Willow are both pissed, and Sam helps Willow go after Glory.
-When Tara’s mind is restored the three’s power, even when they are apart, grows exponentially.
-The Willow and Tara’s powers are magic, and with Sam’s psychic abilities come together to form a metaphysical trio of immense mystical power.
-The three kick ass, obviously.
-Sam can go with his brother hunting, but he keeps in close contact with his girls (Willow and Tara) , and visits whenever possible.
-The girls accompany Sam and Dean on an SPN style hunt.
-Dean tries to kill Willow and/or Tara more than once for being witches.
-Sam and Dean don’t encounter BtVS style vampires until after the episode in SPN when they meet SPN style vampires. Giles explains at some point that although the SPN vampires drink blood they aren’t considered vampires. They are considered in the category of the several breeds of demon who happen to drink blood, but aren’t officially classed as vampires.
-Ellen and Giles pairing.
-If Joyce is kept alive, pair her with John Winchester. (If he is also kept alive.)
-Azazel is killed by the Trio of Power. (You can call it whatever you want, this is just what comes to mind.)
-Eventual Jo/ Conner pairing.

Any length is acceptable. Have fun!
Challenge Date10 Dec 11
Last Updated10 Dec 11

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