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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameWhat planet are you from?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
DescriptionI wrote a challenge that some people liked before, about setting right where Joss went wrong. And actually giving Xander a storyline all his own other then the 'human' character. Well, I was thumbing through my 'The Watcher's Guild' Volume I when I came across an interesting bit of information.

Story editor 'Dean Batali', who helped write a great deal of the storylines for season's one & two said this when asked about Btvs season 3....

"So, any tidbits for next season?"
Dean: "Nothing you'll hear from us. We don't even tell our wives. We don't tell our friends. Oh, there is a chance that Xander is an alien..."

And there you go, Xander Harris....alien.

And the most popular alien tv show during that time was 'Roswell'. You could make him a podperson, like Max Evans, his bombshell sister Isabel, his second in command Michael, or the seductive and probably evil Tess. In the book series before it was on tv, there were five aliens. Xander can be the long lost fifth.

They all had telekintic powers, the ability to chance molecules, and they all had one speical ability all their on. Max's healing and shield, Isabel's dream walking, Michael's energy bolts, and Tess's mindwraping.

What extra power you choose for him is up too you.

Most haves:
Cordeila saying at one point, "So....I dated ET? I better not hear anyone mention a 'probe'."

Xander finds out he was adopted; not the usual his drunken father blurts it out to hurt him. Or his mother confesses out of the blue. He finds the adoption papers in the attic, or starts to wonder why his parents don't have any baby pictures of him.

Having lived on the Hellmouth his whole life, he'd probably repressed any use of alien powers. After all, the town made everyone think vampires were just gang members with deformitys. Its not a stretch that he'd over look his ability to make things move with his mind.

He leaves mid-third season or just after graduation and heads to Roswell in search of where he came from. Of which the podsters living there will be their usualy guarded selfs, not wanting to tell him anything or thinking his either an evil 'skin' or a secret F.B.I agent.

M/F pairing. Either one of the girls from Btvs, Cordy is my favorite, or one of the girls from Roswell, Tess always seemded so lonely.

Most not haves:
No Buffy & gang bashing. Sadly, the only thing that really kept Xander from being a respected member of the scooby's was his human status. Without it they'd probably welcome him with open arms. So there wouldn't be any need to bash.

No M/M. Xander Harris isn't gay. Yes, that was a storyline they had for him in season 3/4. As was the chance to be a magic user. Willow snagged both gigs.

No sharing information on the suernatural with new friends. People wont believe in vampires unless you dust one in their laps, and even then the Roswell gang would probably think it was a 'skin'. So don't just share the demon info cadidly and expect others to just believe it.

Up to you:
Xander doesn't have to be friends with Max, or any of the Roswell gang for that matter. Hes lived his life fighting monsters, standing up for what he believes in, not hiding and lieing about every thing in their lives. They wont have alot of common ground. So its up to you.

If you want this to be the only crossover in your story. After all, San Fran is on the way to New Mexico, and a Charmed crossover is always fun.

I'm not sure if the editor way back when was simply joking, or if this was another storyline for Xander that just didn't happen. But its on you now, you can make it happen.
Challenge Date6 Jan 12
Last Updated6 Jan 12

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