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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerJohnSayers
Challenge NameEnter: Leviathans
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Supernatural > General
DescriptionIn season 7, the Leviathans are set free from their prison in Purgatory. They are more than likely the most powerful creatures in the show. Demons are scared of them. Death likes them. They can possibly kill angels. Nothing can kill them as of yet. Decapitation and borax slows them down and that's all. They haven't shown the full extent of their powers, but they have to be bad for God to lock them away in a place outside of Heaven, Hell and Earth. They are also working a long game. Most Leviathans are in hiding and only exposing themselves when they eat. They can perfectly imitate the people they take over, and with one touch they can copy a person's look and personality. Put those creatures in the Buffy-verse and what would happen? How would the world of Slayers stop creatures like the Leviathans?

I personally don't think the Slayers would have a chance, but that's the challenge: How would the Slayer army handle the return of the Leviathans?

Post-Chosen for BtVS
Post-Hello, Cruel World for Supernatural
Challenge Date7 Jan 12
Last Updated7 Jan 12

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