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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuershazamfan
Challenge NameStar Wars Episode 2.5- The Hangover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Wars
DescriptionIt started out as a simple party after graduation. The Scoobies, Cordy and her Cordettes all have the same idea to go to Vegas to unwind. They even got Wiley to get them some fakes so they could have a REALLY GOOD TIME. After all they had stop the Mayor and saved the day (again) so what could go wrong.

Willow wakes up naked in a pile of alien female flesh as not only a slave girl, but somehow a Twi'lek as well and about to get sold to some Confederate.

Buffy wakes up naked as well next to Obi-Wan (who is also naked) in the Jedi Temple sporting wedding bands and sharing a Force bond.

Xander wakes up on some nameless planet in the middle of the Clone War, after grabbing a gun and a spar clone armor he suits up to defend himself amd blend in.

Cordy and one of the Cordettes (not Harm) try to fly Slave I while a teenage Bobo Fett is locked up in the back of it screaming to be let out. They learn both have a rather large price on their heads from something called a Jabba the Hutt.

The other Cordettes are MIA. The remaining Cordettes, inculding Harm have somehow turned into females of various races in the Star Wars Universe.

Buffy, Willow and Cordy all have Force powers. Xander could or could not. Up to you if any of the Cordettes have powers. Harm didn't get turned into a vampire.

For each the last thing they recalled was stumbling drunkenly into some weird room at some hotel in Vegas and somehow ended up in the Star Wars Universe.
Challenge Date14 Jan 12
Last Updated14 Jan 12

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