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Challenge Issuershazamfan
Challenge NameThe Zippo and Death
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe
DescriptionEver wonder what Xander does when not helping out the Slayer and how he seem to get killed while helping out?

Well during the events of season 2 he met a rather strange girl with pale skin and a habit of wearing black clothing with a slight 'Goth' vibe going. At first he thought she might be some vampire and went to stake her only to learn she was something far, far more out of this world. Rather than be upset Death took a kind of shine to him and when not aiding the Slayer he hangs out with a Girl Named Death.

Must have...

Xander traveling to met the rest of Death's family.

Xander punching Destiny and calling him an a-hole for nearly causing Buffy to walk to her death in season 1.

Xander learning the origins of the Slayer Line while talking with either Death, Destiny or Dream.

Death secretly blessing him with immortality and having a crush on him.

Desire trying to get Xander to confess his own feelings for Death

Delirium asking her bvff (best vampire friend forever) Dru to play with her sister's new 'boy toy'.

Destruction getting Xander drunk and taking him on a weekend walk about that results in all kinds of on the Hellmouth.

Giles left speechless when he and the others learn that Xander is dating Death.

Death bitch slapping Spike around for attacking Xander.

Death getting upset with Angelus for attacking Xander, but forced to allow him to remain 'alive' because of Destiny butting his nose in.

Jesse restored to life and made mortal as a favor to Xander by Death.

Demon Lords thinking they can win favors from Death by kidnapping Xander and blackmailing her into working for them.

Cordy and Death talking about sharing Xander's love.

Xander meeting the good and bad mystics of the DC U
Challenge Date20 Jan 12
Last Updated20 Jan 12

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